Thursday, July 19, 2012

Attack of the Revolving Doors

In an incredibly freak accident, a revolving door was blown too hard by some wind and went the opposite way, pinning a man inside and causing the glass to shatter around him, causing some minor cuts and bruises. At the time this happened, it was all over the news. You see, revolving doors don't usually attack people. They just don't.

Most revolving doors are kind, quiet creatures just going about their day, happy to spin round and round, allowing people access into and egress out of buildings. But, no one writes about that. No one writes about the multiple billions of times a day revolving doors around the world do not attack people or the multiple billions of times they work just fine.

This is why it is always such big news whenever the schmuks over at the BDS and PACBI and all their little punk affiliates score some minor victory, getting some has-been singer to "boycott" Israel or something similar. Because it is incredibly unusual! Every single day there are thousands of artists painting their paintings, singing their songs, poetrying their poetry and on and on. Every single day there are thousands of artists not boycotting Israel. Every single day the BDS and PACBI fail miserably.

So a cheers to Israel, to revolving doors and to me too for saying it out loud.

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