Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2

We couldn't stage a better photo. An Israeli surfer, an Ethiopian and a soldier all stop and enjoy the painting. We paint to thank them for making Israel such a beautiful, diverse and welcoming country.

Thank you to the Jewish National Fund for letting us paint their interior walls. Ame72, Nom and C.J. Reilly III created this family-friendly underwater adventure.

FUSE AFK gives blessings.

Falafel, lamb, schwarma, salit and many more goodies.

At Ateret Esther, the girls' smiles were proof that we were doing the right thing.

And their laughter was further proof.

Keep smiling, beautiful girl.

Whether it was Ynet, Jerusalem Post, Associated Press or Reuters - the media was always around.

Always around.

At Ateret Esther, the girls taught us a new method of painting.

And, it made some great art!

Sarah Brega made strong connections with the children of Sderot. And some even stronger art.

Shalom means "peace"

Shira Etzion

The EAC boys take inspiration from the flowers and plants.

It is as if New York in the 1970s never left. The legend, Cycle, teaches the youngsters how it is done!

Belin and NY Legend, SUE WORKS, draw the attention of the crowd.

One of Belin's photo-realism pieces.

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