Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day Without A Smile

The second day was hot. All of our projects were outdoors. We hadn't slept and we were dehydrated. We complained about not having enough water.

Then, we met a girl who had once come way too close to war. She studies in Ateret Esther now but before that, her home had been the random target of Hamas' violence when a rocket struck in the street before it. When she took us to her home for some cold water - her, taking care of us - and snacks after our long day of painting in the unforgiving sun, we walked past broken concrete and stared at shrapnel holes in the home's front door.

She is the one who painted the Hebrew saying on the right of this picture. It reads: A Day without a Smile is Not Worth Living.

All of a sudden, I need water a little less. I can drink of her courage.

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