Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't Listen to Your Ipod

There is a lot of talking in Israel. And, a lot of politics. And, a lot of talking about politics. So, when someone tells you not to listen to something, you tend not to listen to the one telling you not to listen. Got that?

So, when an older man approached CYCLE as he was painting a huge bomb shelter on the edge of a shopping area that would look like any strip mall in any suburb of the USA if not for the giant bomb shelter that was being painted and told him not to listen to his Ipod, CYCLE ignored him.

The man was persistent. "No ears, no ears" he said before getting into a long Hebrew explanation. CYCLE was confused. Frantically, the man found a translator and pulled him over to our artist. The man explained: if you listen to your music, you won't hear the alarms if a rocket is launched.

CYCLE joked that he figured he would be able to tell by all the people running past him. We all laughed. It wasn't funny.

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