Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3

A soldier in the 77th Battalion shares some graffiti of his. I remember being 18 years old and going through my Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd phase. Don't think I would have had the maturity or courage to defend my home, my country and my family the way that this 18 year old does at that time.

Alon Davidi's Gymboree provided us lots of help in our painting.

Help that CJ Reilly III put to good use.

Back to our regular scheduled bomb shelter beautification process: JOIST gets it in.

While FUSE contemplates his piece...

CYCLE shows NY color schemes still rule.

Some of the Americans watched the Gaza Border. Commented one of the artists: Theirs side is brown. Ours is green. Maybe it is all just jealousy.

Most of the Americans made it on to an army base where they posed on top of this tank. The Americans got to go inside the tank where they learned how small and cramped those quarters can be.

Belin and SUE needed to stay in Sderot though. They had an important mission - painting the largest ever picture of the Rebbe on the Chabad House. The Rabbi who runs the center could barely contain his joy.

And even climbed a very rickety ladder to pose with the artists in front of their creation.

Graffiti is illegal in New York. In Israel, it becomes part of the Police Station.

Sarah found a bomb shelter near a soccer field. As she worked on stenciling pictures of Israel's leaders on the wall, she was joined by many young children who used her wall as a history class.

Fuse finishes his piece of peace.

Some of Sarah's students

The Mayor of Sderot offers each artist a key to the city.

Everyone poses for one last picture in Sderot.

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