Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 6: South Tel Aviv

Israel is not perfect. Israel is full of young people struggling to make a life. There are poor neighborhoods, economically-disenfranchised communities attempting to make a life in the midst of struggle and heartache. The story is the same around the world.

In South Tel Aviv, it is the same story. Like elsewhere with the same socio-economic problems, South Tel Aviv suffers from a difficult school situation. There are over-crowded classrooms, over-worked teachers and other problems that need to be overcome.

Artists 4 Israel visited Tel Hai, a school with these problems. It is also a school that has talented students, caring parents and a staff and administration that wants the best for its students. Its school population is an almost perfect half and half mix of Arab and Jewish. The political and militaristic problems that affect adults don't affect these kids. They are too busy studying for exams and practicing art. They got a little help with that today.

C.J. Reilly III taught them the basics of drawing and cartoon-making. Sarah Brega created life-like stencils. CYCLE - who was supposed to be painting a wall - stopped and drew each student's name in bubble letters. FUSE, DASE, ZERO CENTS, KLONE, DEAC, SEAC, AME72 and NOM turned grey walls into huge art murals.

And, their was cotton candy and popcorn. Perfect!

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