Friday, January 14, 2011

200 = 0: The Great ISPC, Dylan Walshe Charade

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign announced what they consider a significant milestone - the 200th signatory to their erroneous, fact-deficient, libelous "pledge" to boycott Israel. Pledges aside, the IPSC are no boy scouts and one must question their pledge-getting tactics. Considering they are attempting to support an area that openly used beatings, torture and hangings during their last election cycle - one hopes, fleetingly, that the IPSC referendum-getting methodologies are more humane.

Whatever they are doing, it is not very effective. After all, getting 200 signatories in 6 months, with the aid of all the press they have received, is a piece of cake. It is yummy, chocolate cake that would not get you fat easy if you consider what they are pledging. 200 artists who were not invited, not wanted, not even known in Israel will not be going there to not perform in a not concert that would have not sold any seats.

I don't play the banjo. But, I am now pledging to not play the banjo in Egypt. Anyone care? Where is the press? I can get 199 more people to make the same pledge if you want. Hello?

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