Sunday, January 9, 2011

my friend's poor poor brain

A friend of mine who follows this blog recently asked me about the back and forth going on. "This thing has me really confused. why does someone who claims to have an open mind sound so inflammatory and self righteous? how do you listen to the constant barrage of hypocrisy with out getting a brain hemorrhage? I serously thought I had one." we had a quick chuckle about it but my friend is right.

I see videos like this and I'm like wow who can argue with those solid 4 minutes. Anyone with an open mind should see this and be on the Israelie side of the argument. That is not the case because the people on the other side of the argument have already made up their mind about what is evil and what isn't. They talk and regurgitate without thinking. Take a look at this photo.

This was taken on the Gaza side of the wall by Willam Parry. It is a great photo but I really don't understand why they think that the way to read this is as a slap against the Israeli government. Hamas doesn't tolerate that many things and what they do DO is pretty awful. If you don't want to support the Israeli army and the system it has in place for making sure it's solders are as humane as possible that is fine. Instead come out and just say that you are in favor of the tactics of Hamas; human shields, suicide/homicide bombers, constant rocket fire, etc. Just come out and say that you would prefer that Israelis die by random rocket attacks instead of Americans or foreigners killed while they eat by some fanatical suicide/homicide bomber who could have been stopped by a simple wall.

That is why I feel my brain hurt when I hear these people talk. They would rather come out in a hateful and pessimistic way against Israel instead of coming out and fully supporting Hamas and organizations of their ilk.

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