Friday, January 7, 2011

Hate Press: Salem News

Read the LOVE here


  1. Salem means peace, can anyone define that word? That you would call us 'haters' as you devise a method to wipe Palestine completely off the map, some of us find ourselves disturbed. Israel is a cruel nation and the only thing I see is a group that believes its religion makes it superior, and I hate that crap, it sounds awfully Nazi don't you think? Why do we have to deal with this level of hate again? I hope someday you all are marched through Gaza and given the treatment of the Berliners: "We didn't know" they cried, the bastards. And here you are not just ignoring the slaughter and genocide of Gaza, but lying your asses off and portraying people as monsters. I see a Nazi like resemblance, your hatred makes me want to dash to the bathroom to throw up. Thanks a lot.