Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Death of Israel

A few thousand men assemble. They are virile. Stripped down almost naked, some covered in grease paint, they are camoflauged in the night like a preying army. They are holding makeshift flamethrowers. Several have machine guns. Even more carry handguns. All have knives. Suddenly, a piercing whistle and shattering boom break the silence. Attack! Music starts and thousands of men began chanting GAZA, GAZA, GAZA. They shoot at the sky and light the night with fire. GAZA GAZA GAZA. They attack the stage and the dance floor. GAZA GAZA GAZA.
This happens every week. More and more men join the militant army. They are led by a cult-like figure. They have annexed parts of the world far removed from the Middle East. GAZA GAZA GAZA. They are crazed. Some have stripped themselves of identity and refer to themselves only by that fearsome chant – GAZA GAZA GAZA.
This is not a paranoid delusion of what might come. This is Jamaica, today. This might be Queens or Brooklyn tomorrow. This is the dawning of the age beyond the culture war – when Israel has been vanquished.
I exhort the Jewish and Israel advocacy community to join Artists 4 Israel now in fighting this culture war.

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