Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art Basel Artist Profile: 2ESAE

After having been sentenced to an incredibly long and unjust jail sentence for having left his signature all over New York City, 2ESAE became the artistic cause of the past year. Finally, a judge realized that 2 and his cohorts had been unfairly railroaded by an overzealous prosecution and he was released.

Since then, 2 has been changing the game of graffiti, from helping to invent Laser Graffiti, to expanding the color palette of what is acceptable in the streets to selling out gallery shows.

Last year, 2 attended Art Basel as a special, uninvited guest where he left his mark as social commentary all over the over-hyped, over-paid and under-talented artists in certain shows.

This year, he represents himself and Artists 4 Israel.

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