Friday, December 18, 2009

Rachel Corrie is a Prostitute and the UJA is her Pimp

My Name is Rachel Corrie is a piece of propaganda disguised as a play. It is based on the true story of an American girl (shown above tearing an American flag and covered in the oppressive women's garb of an Arab servant) who was used by Palestinian terrorists to guard the weapons smuggling tunnels they had built under a conspirator's home. As a tool of their attempts to create civilian casualties, Rachel was placed in front of an oncoming Israeli bulldozer sent to destroy the smuggling tunnels. She died and the wealthy "Palestinian" p.r. machine has since turned her into a martyr as opposed to the hapless victim she was, brutalized by a people with a long history of turning innocents into shields and walking bombs.

The play is currently being shown, for a large turn of profit, by a Stanford student in California. A movie adaptation of the play, simply called Rachel, was also screened at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival where Rachel's bereaved parents, also manipulated into being tools of the very terrorists who caused their daughter's death, were invited to speak. The problems with that invitation are nicely summarized HERE.

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival receives a generous amount of its funding from the UJA. Artists 4 Israel is saddened that the UJA would allow itself to fund such pieces of propaganda disguised as art. This is offensive to those who believe in open dialogue as the play is full of lies and deceptions parading as truth and to those who support the arts as paid work of this nature is no longer art but should be, instead, considered nothing more than a paid advertisement.


  1. The movie shown at the SFJFF (Rachel) is not an adaptation of the play. It is a documentary investigating the death of Rachel Corrie, The evidence shows that Rachel was murdered and that Israel tried to cover it up. Case closed.

  2. What is this "evidence" of which you speak? Prove your accusations.