Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art Basel Artist Profile: SUEWORKS

SUEWORKS is most definitely for the children.

Having begun his career as one of New York's most destructive vandals, SUE was known for hitting the trains even after the infamous buff by Ed Koch, a series of laws designed to eradicate graffiti, attempted to keep the steel clean.

But, true to his name SUE (Styles Under Evolution), our artist began expanding his skill set. He became a student of the DAIM school of 3D Art, one of the few Americans to master this unique, European method.

Which is why so many of his letter patterns seem abstract and complicated at once.

Today, SUE is internationally admired and, as a member of many art collectives that transverse national and international boundaries, he is putting up major murals around the globe.

We are proud to have SUEWORKS representing Artists 4 Israel at Art Basel

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