Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A (S)mall (S)ampling of (S)afe for Work (S)kin Pictures (S)elected and (S)ent to You

Artists 4 Israel made the mistake of choosing a small venue for our Thanksgiving edition of (S)kin. We thought that many people would still be away, reflecting on all that they should be thankful for in their life and slowly realizing that no matter who makes it, home-made cranberry sauce will never be better than the stuff from the can.

But, to our happiness, the room was packed to overflowing. Over 40 people came to draw our lovely model, Natalie and to listen to an impromptu lecture by David Dabschek of the David Project.

Special thanks to Jennifer Tiongson, our esteemed teacher.

As always, the NSFW pictures are available on our website.

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