Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jewlicious is Yummy

Two excellent posts today at Jewlicious.

First, CK laments a growing acceptance of terrorism in Israel or, at least, in Israeli news coverage. He fears that he and the Israeli public are becoming desensitized to tragedy. As he indicates, such a "ho-hum" view of attempted murder dehumanizes the people and ideas that shape Israel. Far worse, it perpetuates a creeping delegitimization of Israel's need to be vigilant in its own defense, offering unintended succor to the thieves who look to steal Israeli freedoms.

Following directly, in ideological succession, is themiddle's piece on EU's probable declaration of East Jerusalem as belonging to the displaced Jordanians who have time and again proven themselves incapable of governing their own piece of rock. If Israel faces no real threats, as indicated, in part, by its own apathetic coverage of homicide bombers, then, why should the EU consider defending Israel's holy places?

Now, don't get me wrong. Were Abbas to ride into East Jerusalem on a flaming war chariot pulled by the 4 horses of the Apocalypse with Tiger Woods riding shotgun screaming "Allah..." and shitting on the UN charter, the EU would still try to give these wolves the keys to the sheep's pen. But, one must question if that is not, at least partly, a result of year's of Israeli public capitulation, lethargy and haphazard vigilance.

Certainly, CK, themiddle and myself find more joy in a turn of phrase than in turning the screws on our media and on our elected officials. At least we are trying to motivate you. So, now, I guess the onus is on you, dear reader.

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