Friday, October 23, 2009

Gaza: Crab Crawl

Break Dancing is Gaza's new attempt to manipulate an urban, American art form to gain sympathy from an urban, American audience.

Coupled with hip-hop and spoken-word poetry, Break Dance is yet another way that Gaza is trying to show itself as being "cool" to the Western world, using 1970s urban culture as its method. It is no surprise that Arabs have been, since the days of Malcolm X, using the disenfranchisement of socio-economically impoverished neighborhoods to push their underdog narrative and anti-Western agenda.

Fine. Good for them. My only question is...when did they get so old? Break Dance? Is it the 80s? And, when did they get so racist? What is next? Blaxploitation movies?

More information can be found in this TIME magazine article. While the article does mention that these kids get a "pass" to violate the strict, conservative, repressive, codes of Radical Islam as practiced in Gaza, they do not discuss the many who do not and the way they suffer.

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