Friday, October 30, 2009

Israel Related (Potentially Offensive) Halloween Costumes

Dear A4I, the worst thing you could have done was put that disclaimer at the top of this e-mail. Now, I feel no obligation to be p.c. about anything anymore. Now, we have some fun.

Here are my favorite Israel-themed Halloween costume ideas. Be careful, this can get ugly.

Above is a tourist floating in the Dead Sea. Take off your shirt, put a box that looks like water around your middle, hold up a newspaper and float away!

Girls bathing in Dead Sea mud. A great excuse to wear a bikini in the middle of winter!

Dress like a salesman in a shuk in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem. Interestingly enough, they all look like used car salesman. Don't get offended, this can equally apply to most Jews in the sales industry in Israel too.

Or, go as a girl from Haifa!

Or, as the Israeli youth who look suspiciously like Italians from Staten Island in the 1980s.

Last but not least, there is the ever popular Child Suicide Bomber costume made famous by, well, murderous, terrorist assholes. Fuck them.

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