Monday, October 12, 2009

Scientists Getting Catty

Biophysicist Prof. Elisha Haas issued responded Sunday to statements by
And the Ignoble Nobel saga continues...

Prof. Ada Yonath, who won some Nobel prize in some science or something else that confuses the poets, artists and dreamers who make up A4I, decided to make a rather tortured metaphor that, at its basest, nonsensical end called for the release of all Arab terrorists who Israel has arrested for their criminal activities.

Biophysicist Elisha Haas, whose dork credits are just as high, if not higher than those of Ada Y responded with the wit and wisdom you would expect from an educated individual. She said: "I fear that someone made her say things she did not mean to say...There is no logic in what was quoted from what she said to the media."

Then, to get deep, she continued:

"The Oslo accord was based on false assumptions,” Haas said. “If a scientist makes false assumptions in the laboratory, then in the worst case, there will be an explosion within the laboratory, and if he has taken the proper safety precautions there will be no damage. But if a leader of a state acts upon false assumptions then he can cause tremendous damage to the state.”

Prof. Yonath's statements regarding the lack of a “horizon” for the Arab population were based on the assumption that our enemy “wants to live well, in prosperity, in peace, with a high quality of life and good neighborly relations within Judea and Samaria,” Haas said as he analyzed his colleague's words. “But this is not the case. The aim of the enemy is to liquidate the Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. That is what he states and that is how he acts, even after Oslo, and so it is clear that the assumption is false.”

"The failure of the Oslo accord and the murder of 180 citizens by terrorists who were freed in the past are an experiment that disproves this assumption,” Haas stated. “Any child in the marketplace knows that... a unilateral release of all jailed prisoners is a clearly immoral act. Going by this approach, we should either kill terrorists without a trial or there is no need to try them and it is permitted [for the to murder.”

What ya got on that Ada?

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