Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Israel and Falun Gong: Protecting Free Speech

For those of us who lived in NY for the past two years, Falun Gong is a household name. They did dramatic street theatre that mimicked the torture their members suffer in China. China calls them a cult. They call themselves a persecuted religion.

Taking a page from the A4I playbook, Falun Gong has been using art as a method of expressing their cause. In 2008, they exhibited their work at Tel Aviv University. A week before the show was supposed to end, the University shut it down. Students claimed that the administration did so due to pressure by the Chinese government. So, the students sued. And won. And the exhibit is back up for its final week.

Artists 4 Israel is proud of the israeli government for being a fair democracy where freedom of art and expression is protected by the law.

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