Monday, October 19, 2009

J Street is Guilty...of boring me

J Street. We got it. You took a Jewish front to come out as Anti-Israel because you knew that would give the story teeth. You knew you could feign credibility by posing as the very people who most routinely support the side you are opposing. You were playing the role of the disaffected, poetic youth baring your thrashing souls and finding that you could not stand the injustices your co-religionists ignore. You were supposed to be pained and artistic and fluent in the power of speech to upraise a harmed mass. You supposedly studied KRS and Malcolm and found romance in the disadvantaged. You thought you had fucked the system, under-doggy style. But, you did so like impotent little children.

In your nightmares, you married a stillbirth and fathered a bastard. In reality, you beat off. You jumped on the dead fad of slam poetry and hired the most typical, bullshit, tired-ass, autotune of literature artists you could find with their ironic Arab beards and romantic headdresses. They repeated cliches and uneducated rants. They added nothing to what could have been an important dialogue about peace and, worse yet, gave nothing back to the art form they have flagellated for fame. You bore me.

I slap the kufi off of Kevin Coval and Josh Healey with a greeting card verse. Find some real artists. Milk the system, homies!




  2. why does everyone on all sides of the advocacy spectum gotta be SO hateful to one another. i mean damnnn, let jstreet be jstreet- they're trying their best to make a positive impact on one fucked up conflict same as you. some people work on it within the system, some people express it with paint and some people will shout it out through a loud speaker. there's no use trying to be the superior and feed the fire of the fanatics. as a jewish artist who loves israel, i feel more connected to jstreet then to you.