Monday, November 30, 2009

980 vs. 1

As the Israeli government and public debate the morality and rationality of releasing 980 prisoners in exchange for one soldier, there are many arguments being made on both sides. A4I would like to offer an alternative consideration.

Israelis - stop blaming and fighting one another!

Gilad was abducted by terrorists. He has been held, against all rules of war and engagement, as a prisoner under what we can only assume are terrible conditions. He has suffered and has been missed greatly by his immediate family and the greater family of Israel.

The prisoners for which he will be traded are criminals, murderers and terrorists. They have been fairly tried in open court, found guilty of their crimes and held in the best possible circumstances for a convict. In exchanges of this nature in the past, many of these prisoners return to a life of crime and murderous terrorism.

There is no right answer. How does one describe morality and rationality in a world gone mad? How does one attempt to debate and think thoughtfully against terrorists and the irrational? One does not. So, rather than fight one another, dear Israelis, over the wrong and right of this situation, realize only this: They are wrong. They are terrorists. They are kidnappers. They have created this terrible situation where the choices are only between bad and worse ideas.

Do not blame one another. Hold the guilty parties accountable, even if only in your mind.

A picture of Galid made by BASE MPH, one of A4I's many famous street artists in residence.

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