Monday, November 23, 2009

Boris Lurie: Confrontational. Artist. Advocate.

You want to describe the Holocaust with your movies and your love-stories and piss-shit memoirs of hope and salvation. Fuck you. The Holocaust is NOT Anne Frank and a death that only happened because she stopped writing. The Holocaust has nothing to do with literary tricks or running, ranting, raving pens. Death was neither symbolic or celebrated. It was. It is still a gross, disgusting movement of lies and betrayal. It is the blunt, fucking, jagged edge of torture.

And, Boris Lurie knows this. He had the balls to tell the world. Or, maybe, it was his obligation. Maybe one others died they haunted his dreams and lived their pain through him.

So, excuse him if he laughs at your art world pretense and happy word half-hugs. This is the Mary and she got raped for your sins. Which is why he will only be famous for laying at your feet.

"In a time of wars and extermination, aesthetic exercises and decorative patterns are not enough."
- Boris Lurie

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