Friday, November 13, 2009

Dumb-Ass Pseudo-Celebrity Quote of the Day. Rene Broussard Sucks.

Rene Broussard, the scandal-chasing near-pedophile who created the New Orleans Middle Eastern Film Festival after his foray into NAMBLA-inspired porn failed (Don't believe me, SEE HERE) has somehow decided he has the authority to determine what is wrong and right about Middle Eastern politics.

His film festival reads like the greatest hits of anti-Israel smear pieces with very little films representing Israel or, at the least, unbiased, non-totalitarian regime sponsored, Anti-Israel propaganda.

According to his own words: "The first two years we had a very strong presence from Israel. This year, all of the films that deal with Israel are from the point of view of the Palestinians," he said. "I was reluctant (to do that) in the first few years of the film festival, because... I was trying to get a very balanced point of view.
"But... I decided to join the international call for a cultural boycott of Israel"

I get it now, Rene. You admit that you are being unfair and unbalanced. Thanks for the honesty. Too bad most of the "films" you are screening kind of, you know, in the artistic sense only, well...suck! Why? Because they are not art. They are paid advertisements and you are a tool for getting caught up in mis-promoting it as art. You are a shame to the film world and you are too stupid to even get your quotes right.

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