Monday, November 2, 2009

Shepard Fairey Makes a Fool of Himself

Shepard Fairey, the known criminal, admitted plagiarist, evidence tamperer, and former artist who has turned into an utter parody of himself making political advertisements while failing to evolve or grow as an artist since he was 18, has decided to lend his voice to the myriad of insanely uneducated, child-like, rants against Israel.

Luckily, for Israel, Shep lacks any credibility, either artistic or political, so his easily disputed viewpoints come off sounding much like the un-considered, delusional, nearly illiterate mouth droolings they are.

As part of LA's Berlin Wall anniversary commemoration, organized by the Wende Museum, Shep will be decorating some of "The Wall Across Wilshire," a replica of the Berlin Wall that will be erected blocking Wilshire Blvd. In an interview with the LA Times, Fairey said his painting on the wall in L.A. would be an "antiwar, anti-containment piece" that "makes a parallel to the Wall of Palestine." He then says some other things that make very little sense.

Israel's security fence has served to almost completely have eliminated suicide bombings. Because of this fence, innocent men, women and children have been saved from brutal and savage murder. I can think of no greater humanitarian device than Israel's much needed security fence.

I challenge Shep to read a book, study, think and create something intelligent and meaningful. Even better, why don't you debate us, Shep?

And, until you do, you are not welcome in Boston. That is my city. EPS, Buildmore and the rest of the Collective hold me down out there. Stay out. Every poster gets buffed, you buffoon!

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