Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Mural Sucks

The General Union of "Palestinian" Students (aka Guppies) are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their "mural" honoring the great "scholar" Edward Said on the San Francisco State Community "College." Wow, never have so many quotations been used in one sentence.

From a political, sociological, academic and, most of all, artistic perspective, this!

1. Why the mix between photo-realism and cartoony elements?
2. Where did the muralists learn collage techniques - at a community college?
3. How come they didn't choose to represent New York with a picture of the Twin Towers? Oh wait, I know why.
4. Where in the oppressive, gender-policing, sexually-repressed "Palestine" would men and women be dancing together?
5. Is that the mural version of a piano key tie? Didn't work for neckwear, doesn't work for murals!
6. Is the woman on the far left an Arab Spiderman?
7. It is odd that Said is being honored in a "Palestine" mural when, for some time, he and his works were banned there.
8. Oh, wait, banning of people, ideas and books. Sounds like something that would only happen in "Palestine." I wonder if these students realize how lucky they are to go to school in the U.S.
9. What book are these students in the bottom left reading? Probably something equating Jews with apes and pigs, I bet.
10. Is that really the best quote they could find?

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