Monday, November 9, 2009

Artists 4 Israel introduces the G.A. and welcomes you to the Future. Peter Poskus fears us!

What? You thought the G.A stood for General Assembly? Wrong.
G.A., my friends, the Guerilla Advocates.
Officially, we call it DIRECT MARKETING. We go to the hottest parties, concerts, art shows, installations, movie premieres and all that good art stuff and we give Israeli advocacy materials.

Unofficially, this is the G.A. - Guerilla Advocates. So, why you all meet in Israel or D.C. or wherever and talk about advocating. We do it. All day. We do it.
Come, talk to me!
Stop talking to each other.
Or, just, shut up!

Sometimes it is crazy, fun events. Like when we swarmed CMJ Music Festival.

Sometimes, it is more funny. Like how last week we crashed the Peter Poskus show at the Spanierman Gallery. Rich, old, big-glasses wearing New England folk. This is what we will all look like in 40 years...

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